Which kind of paints do you use?
I use finest acrylic and oil paint of artist's quality. The acrylic paintings are varnished with a semi gloss coat to protect the surface. Under each picture you can see if it is an acrylic or an oil painting.

What is the material you paint on and how can I hang it on the wall?
The painting is on an artists' panel made of medium density fiberboard = MDF. Some of the first paintings are on high density fiberboards = HDF. The size is 6 x 6 x 3/8". The panel is primed with acid-free gesso, the sides are mat white and on the back is a build-in hanging hole. There is no need to frame the painting.

How much is a painting?
New daily paintings are offered for three days for auction.
You can bid per e-mail. Minimum is 100,00€. When the auction ends at the indicated time, the highest bid receives the approval.

A painting which isn't sold by auction at the indicated time can be bought for 150,00€ incl.VAT (where applicable) plus shipping. Payable in advance.

Do I get an invoicel?
Of course you will get an invoice.

How can I pay?
With Paypal or bank transfer

What does the shipping cost?
Nothing. I will pay it for you.

to be continued